Shades Of Souls - Travels with a Paintbox

For me, painting is a way to transcend the boundaries of the familiar and venture into uncharted territory. It's about conveying the essence of a moment, the essence of existence itself.

Painting is like stepping into the unknown, where each stroke of the brush reveals not just what I see, but what I feel. It's about capturing the essence of a moment, not just replicating it visually.

I paint to evoke a sense of connection—to oneself, to others, and to the infinite possibilities that lie beyond the canvas. Because in the end, art has the power to transform not only the way we see the world, but the way we experience it.

When someone encounters my artwork, I hope it ignites a spark within them—a spark of curiosity, of wonder, of introspection,  a catalyst for seeing the world in a new light, for embracing the beauty and mystery that surrounds us. 

Bérengère de Tarlé


Abreviated CV :

2018 - 2024 : IN AUSTRALIA - Enterprise creating and producing Original Artworks, Fine ART Prints, Greeting Cards and Postcards in Australia.

2011 - 2017 :  CARIBBEAN / SOUTH PACIFIC  - Watercolour Postcards for the French and English Caribbean Islands, then onto the South Pacific Ocean (French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Fiji, and Marshall Islands).

1998 - 2011 :  EUROPE Paris FRANCE - Sound Designer and Sound Recordist for Theatre, Dance, TV, Film, Radio, Music, and the Visual Arts.


Bachelor ARTS - Major Experimental Film 1993 UNIVERSITY PARIS VIII

Master of Sculpture (HONORS : Magna cum laude) 1998 PARIS (ENSBA - Ecole National Supérieur des Beaux Arts PARIS FRANCE)

Sound Engineer (Diploma) 2014 PARIS (Institut National Audiovisuel de PARIS  FRANCE )