Bérengère de Tarlé

Bérengère de Tarlé is an atmospheric hunter capturing and immobilising through watercolours the atmospheres of people and places. Atmospheres of nature, cities, and the great open spaces that she falls upon through her explorations by foot, the natural spaces of France, Australia, and now recently as a crew member on sailboats on the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the South Pacific Seas, where she has developed a new approach to painting.

Back in Sydney where she spent her youth, Bérengère  de Tarlé exhibits her artworks at her stall at The Rocks Market, Sydney, a vibrant market located in the heart of the old historical Sydney nestled safely in a natural harbour that opens up into Pacific Ocean and onto the rest of the world beyond.

She sketches while immersed on location the unprecedented urban atmospheres of Sydney, with its many public benches, its iconic city monuments, its endless city roamers, and the beautiful and fascinating Sydney beaches that are all but crowded and empty all at once. She looks for what may lead you astray for what may amaze you. Every mark counts in her watercolours, even in the misfires; she allows the magic to happen. Just a prelude before a new ocean passage across the Pacific.